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Computerized flat knitting machine brush and needle problem


When the computerized flat knitting machine is in use, there will be problems with the brush and needle lock. For these two faults, let's look at the specific solutions:

Computer flat knitting machine-needle lock

Computerized flat knitting machines select needles through pins. The alignment of the pins is very important, which directly affects the operation of the machine. If the pins are not aligned, it will cause needle leakage. Generally, high-pin needles do not need to be raised. Needle must be raised for low stitches. For example, when weaving one plus one sesame puller collar, the needle is selected through the high and low stitches. If the stitches are not aligned, there will be missing stitches, so pay attention to the arrangement of the stitches .

Computer flat knitting machine——brush


The brush problem is also very important in the leakage of the needle. The brush problem is mainly caused by the following aspects: the brush device is bad, the front and back are not correct, the brush is installed and the needle does not close the angle, the device is too high to resist the rebound of the needle tongue The brush does not open the tongue, it takes too long, and the hair is seriously shed or bitten, and the quality of the brush is a problem. Computerized knitting machine manufacturers supply quality brush every knitting machine.

(1) Defective brush device. The front and back are not correct, and the brush must be aligned before and after, because when the head pulls the triangle movement back and forth, the knitting needle also moves, and the needles on both sides are carried out at the same time. The brush has a downward pressing tongue to make It can smoothly remove the ferrule, so there can be no front and back irregularities. If it is not correct, some needle tongues will not be pressed down to form a missed needle. To solve this problem, you should adjust the brush.

(2) The brush is installed reversely and does not close the angle with the needle. For this problem, it is the same as mentioned above, so the brush should be adjusted.